Truth To Profitable Relationship (Part 2)

By | July 25, 2017

Alright, now that we’ve talked about how to secure profitable relationships in part 1 of this series,

CLICK HERE to read it first if you haven’t, let’s talk a little bit more about what you can do with them!

First, there are co-promotions with other players in your market.

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A very successful method to round up a large number of potential prospects from your market place is to team up with others and create a much bigger promotion than you could have done on your own.  Examples of what you can do are:

1        Have a huge contest.  Tell your customers or subscribers of your newsletter about a chance to win.  Also, tell them to let their friends or colleagues know about it, while you build your marketing list.

With partners’ lists, it is much easier to get the word out and greatly expand the size of your promotion.

2        Send out joint endorsements to your customer lists. If you think your partner has a good product AND your list would greatly benefit from their product, then exchange endorsements and split the sales.  You can even have this tied into an autoresponder so all new customers get the sales message.

3        Create up-sells for each others’ product. After the customer has decided to buy your product, let them know they can also get additional benefits with your partners’ product, and at a lower price then if he or she bought the product alone.

4        Partner to create a new product people on both of your customer lists want and desire… for bigger, larger profits.

5        If you’re an affiliate marketer, then you might create a new report to provide value to another person’s list of customers or subscribers.  In exchange for your hard work, you put your affiliate code inside.

If in doubt of what kind of report to create, ask the list owner what they want.  After providing exactly what a list owner wants and doing a good job, then you are certain to get it distributed.  It is also a good idea to provide within the report an income stream for the list owner (such as an additional product with their affiliate link or let them include any ad they want).

The bottom line is this…by having profitable relationships, making all these opportunities happen are now easier than ever before and might even come to you without any work on your part (at least, with regard to putting it all together).

Once you take advantage of partnerships, you’ll gain many other benefits as well.

Second, you can use your relationships to better work with employees and/or service providers you outsource work to.

With profitable relationships, those around you want to work harder because they know their work is going to construct a worthwhile product or provide a valuable service.

In addition, there is more you can do.  When possible, you can offer partnerships in projects with people who help develop the product. Often, this can lead to improved quality, because each person knows their effort directly results in more money.

Don’t hesitate to give incentives to partners, workers, sales people, affiliates, or anybody else who helps your business grow.

Finally, there are your customers. When building profitable relationships with your customers, you are earning the most valuable thing you can get.  It is not money, but TRUST.

Why is trust a lot more valuable than money?

The answer is simple. Trust allows you to have a lot MORE than one successful promotion. That’s because each time you offer them something new, your customers know you have a quality product to offer and your response will increase.

Then you can use your customer relationships to have new and exciting promotions happening all the time… resulting in a huge increase in your bank account.

Do you see how good relationships with others can pay off? Now, accomplishing more than your competition is possible with less effort, cost, and time. And the best part is, they won’t know what hit them.

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