How You Can Outsell Other Affiliate Marketers (Part 2)

By | July 19, 2017

This is the second part in this series of outselling other affiliates. In part 1 we talk about using your own website, writing personal review and recommendations, operating a niche blog, and writing articles.  If you have not read part 1 you can CLICK HERE to access it.

  1. Offer A Special Bonus

This is by far the best method for outselling other affiliates. Basically, you enhance the owner’s original product package by throwing in yet another product (or products) at no extra cost.

Of course, the more valuable and unique the bonus, the higher the possibility of making more sales than the next guy. The only other criteria is that whatever bonus you choose, it needs to be directly related to the main product.

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Although you could certainly offer a tangible item, the least troublesome bonus would be something digital. That way, you don’t have to worry about physically delivering it to the buyer.

For example, if the product you’re selling is that revolutionary new golf club, you could create an ebook that has tips on how a golfer can improve their swing. Or, you could create a video that actually shows them how to do it properly.

The point is, you want a bonus that the buyer can simply download once they’ve made the initial product purchase. That automatically reduces the amount of work involved in delivering the bonus.

Naturally, the amount of time and money you invest in creating the digital bonus will depend on how much money you receive as an affiliate for each and every sale.

Just keep in mind that you’ll only have the cost of creating a digital bonus once. But the value of offering prospective buyers a special bonus could easily bring in substantial income for a considerably long period of time.

And make certain you clearly announce that the bonus can only be acquired if they make their purchase through your affiliate link. If they get the product anywhere else, under any conditions other than yours, they won’t receive the bonus you‘re offering.

  1. 6. Give Away Free Tips And Information

Rather than dismiss all those viewers who take a look at your offer but don’t purchase right away, you should offer them free tips and information. Naturally, the content will be directly related to the products you’re promoting.

You can place that content on your website but you also need to provide methods in which the viewer will have the information available on their own computer.

For example…

  • Put together a downloadable list of frequently asked questions regarding the product and how to use it.
  • Create an ebook that includes ideas for gaining the full potential of a product or service.
  • Develop an autoresponder instruction, how-to, or general information ecourse that will be delivered over a period of subsequent days or weeks.

In each instance that you deliver advice, tips, or information, make certain you also include specific details about the product it‘s associated with. And of course, you’ll need to include your personal affiliate link as well.

  1. Capture Names And Email Addresses

One of the major drawbacks of being an affiliate is the fact that you don’t generally have an opportunity to gain the names and email addresses of people who purchase through your affiliate link.

Plus, you’re going to attract plenty of targeted individuals who just aren’t ready to purchase during their first exposure to your offer.

Do whatever it takes to encourage prospects to sign up for your mailing list. If you create an autoresponder ecourse (and use a qualified autoresponder service), you’ll automatically receive names and email addresses. But what about any free downloads such as ebooks or reports that you’re giving away?

Instead of merely letting viewers take them anonymously, have them fill out and submit a form first. That way, they get the free information, you get their name and email address.

Now you can contact them over an extended period of time, continuing to give them valuable tips and information regarding the product or type of products they were initially interested in. Just don’t abuse the privilege by sending them promotional messages and nothing else.

Your ultimate goal is to sell something but in order to move your mailing list members into a buying position you first need to establish a relationship of trust and respect. That will be accomplished by supplying them with valuable information while at the same time letting them know the benefits the product will provide.

  1. Use Your Own Ads And Promotional Materials

Most affiliates rely on promotional materials that are supplied by the owner of the product. That would include things like solo and classified ads, banners, pre-written sales copy, and cover and product images.

Although it might be quality material, the fact that so many other affiliates will be using it will automatically dilute the impact and effectiveness.

You can get much better results by writing your own ads, writing fresh sales copy, and creating new banners and images. The primary purpose is to have something different than any of the other affiliates. But it’s also possible that what you create is superior to the original marketing materials.

Overall, it’s simply a matter of doing something different and unique. And doing it better and more aggressively than anyone else.