Blog Traffic – How To Get Targeted Traffic To Your Blog

By | July 24, 2017

Having a blog is all well and good. But you won’t experience much marketing benefit if you don’t receive a considerable amount of visitors.

It’s never too soon to start. As soon as you’ve established your blog (which means you‘ve written some compelling content that will capture viewer attention), you need to begin implementing traffic methods.

Following are several strategies that can be most effective in generating viewer activity.

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  1. Above everything else, make certain your blog content is search engine friendly. That would include the following things.
  • Place keywords in all the headings (titles) of your posts.
  • Place keywords in your links. For example, if you’re sending viewers to a page where there is more information about optimizing their websites for better search engine position, don’t say “click here” but rather hyperlink the words “search engine optimization”.
  • Place a primary keyword in the name of your blog.
  1. Submit your site to all the major search engines as well as the following blog directories and websites.

Blog Search


Technorati –




Globe of Blogs


  1. Make certain you ping whenever you add new content to your blog. If your blog doesn’t come equipped with this capability, it can be accomplished through websites like Ping-O-Matic at
  2. Create your own RSS feed to distribute your blog directly to readers. If your blog isn’t located at or your blog doesn‘t have the option of running site feeds, you can use Feed Craft ( This is a web-based service that allows you to create, manage, deliver, and track RSS feeds.
  3. Contact the owners of websites whose topic is relevant to what you write about in your blog. Tell them you have free content available in exchange for a link back. Or you can simply exchange links by including a mention of their website within your blog content.

Web Log Empire ( helps bloggers to swap links. Or, you can buy a link back to your blog at Text-Link-Ads (

  1. Visit blogs that you like, preferably ones that have content similar or complimentary to yours. Post quality and informative comments (along with your own blog URL address) as often as you can – on average, around three times a week.
  2. Write great content in your blog. The better the content, the more people will visit and the more word-of-mouth advertising you’ll receive. Plus, other blogs and websites will be more likely to provide links to a blog that includes quality, relevant content.
  3. Write content in your blog frequently (at least two to three times a week). That way, search engines will take notice and assign it more relevance and importance, primarily because it’s active and constantly building.

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